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Creative Daily

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about creative daily.

Creative Daily is a live journal community that promotes wallpaper fanarting and keeps up with the fanart community news and events of all sorts. It's a place for the fanartists to socialize, participate to challenges, get honest feedback and promote their sites and art.

* This community may be moderated by marilyne_22, shawn_anne and joshinkag, but you dear fanartist friends can participate as much as we do. And here's how :

There will be, on a daily basis, news from the fanart world posted on this community. Creative Daily invites each of you to become one of our collaborators and share yours or any fanart news you would like to inform the members about by sending them to us @ this adress : creative_daily[a]hotmail.com. 5 to 10 news will be selected for each daily post, and you will personally be credited everytime we post one that was submitted by you. And don't worry, becoming a collaborator doesn't mean that you'll have the obligation to send news everyday. Our collaboration concept works on a voluntary basis and you don't have to fill any form to become a collaborator; you only have to send us news whenever you want ! Easy, right ? ^^

Your news' submissions have to be pertinant; worthy of the fanartists's attention. Here are some examples of what we'd like to receive :
Some artist decided to go on major hiatus, he/she will be back in a couple of months.
There's a new challenge up at Buffy forums runned by X.
A new artist in the community : (site url).
A new tutorial is up at Y.

etc... have questions ? email us ! (creative_daily[a]hotmail.com)

ATTENTION! Please note that unjustified harsh / discriminatory submissions will be considered as spam and will not be added in our daily posts. Creative Daily is no place for mean gossip.

What else can you expect to find on this community ?

There will be challenges, resquests posts, artist of the month awards, art and resources pimpage, general fanart discussions etc. Everything to keep the fanart lovers entertained on a regular basis !


You can now post your personal wallpapers on this community! But before you do, please be sure to read this entry.


All the wallpapers and other fanart featuring on this livejournal are © to their respective creators. The redistribution / reproduction / editing / hotlink etc. of these wallpapers without their respective creators' permission is considered as art theft and is thus completely prohibited.

The shows, movies, books, characters and celebreties featuring on this site are in no way affiliated with us. No copyright infringement intended. This is a non-profit livejournal account.

*** Please note that by entering any of our fanart competitions and being declared a winner afterward, you allow Creative Daily to re-post a thumb version of your creation on its community. This is only to offer you free publicity for yourself and your personal site / blog / livejournal :)

Fanart competitions are members only.


If you own a site or livejournal community that also promotes fanarting and would like to affiliate with us, please send us an email to creative_daily[a]hotmail.com with a description and link back to your site. We do not affiliate with regular livejournal accounts or any personal sites / portfolios, sorry.

link back to Creative Daily :


July 2009 SOTM --- from Cloudy Stars --- see award
GillyKitten comment : "This is my first Livejournal site of the month and it goes to the newborn Creative Daily, a fantastic art challenge and social community. The art featured here is beautiful so hats off to the competitors but most of all to marilyne_22, shawn_anne and joshinkag for creating and moderating such a fabulous site!"

August 2009 SOTM --- from Reflection --- see award
Amber's comment : "So, Creative Daily is superfun and wins my very FIRST sotm the award even though it's not a site necessarily. Site, community, what's the diff? ANYWAY. Creative Daily is a recent creation by Marilyne, Josh, and Ari by fanartists for fanartists. A place we can compete in challenges, polls, discussion groups, resources, feedbacking, and keep up to date in the latest fanart news. We can also frolic there like children, or kittens... or frolicy things of unknown origin. For that reason and the reason that they are such attractive young people the 3 of them and their lovely community get SOTM for August 2009!"

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